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Did you know having a generator brings resell value to your home? A generator also provides valuable peace of mind during power outages and fluctuations.

As an authorized sales and service dealer for Kohler, our electricians have been trained by Kohler to sell and install residential, industrial and medical Kohler generators. But our commitment to customer service goes far beyond the sale and install. We work with you to determine the best size for your needs; we also do the warranty work and accompanying paperwork. This way our customers experience less hassle and more peace of mind. With a generator purchased, installed and serviced by Shawnee Electrical Contractors, power outages and low-voltage problems (brown-outs) are not a concern. Knowing they can depend on a backup generator gives people with respiratory problems or medical conditions invaluable peace of mind.

Shawnee Electrical Contractors is an Ameren preferred provider. We help Ameren UE customers get available rebates on specified equipment, which are only extended to customers using an Ameren preferred provider. To become an approved contractor, we have undergone testing and continue to abide by the company’s strict guidelines. Of course, with our own self-imposed commitment to quality, this has not been difficult.

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